LED Lights - Business Logo

LED Lights - Business Logo

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Shine bright!

Our LED Lights come with your business logo engraved into the acrylic plate. These plates are interchangeable, so if you want extras based around the same logo, you can opt to add extra plates to your order.

Please email your logo once your order has been placed:       strachancreative@gmail.com 

Using it as a specials board with a price? 
Simply use a chalk marker (available HERE) to write down the number/s on the Countdown Plate. This can easily be wiped off and changed as often as needed with a paper towel, baby wipe, or any soft non abrasive material.


- 1x wooden LED light base
- 1x remote
- 1x engraved acrylic countdown plate. 
- White & Colour lights to select from, or a constant flow of rainbows.
- Ability to dim down the lights via the remote.
- Ability to turn on/off and change colours on the actual base (perfect in case the remote ever gets misplaced)
- USB corded power source

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