LED Lights - Names

  • $45.00
Tax included.

Shine bright!

Our LED Lights come with a choice of design, and personalised with a name.

Choose your favourite design from the drop down list, and leave the name to be engraved in the box provided.

- 1x wooden LED light base
- 1x remote
- 1x engraved acrylic name plate. 
- White & Colour lights to select from, or a constant flow of rainbows.
- Ability to dim down the lights via the remote.
- Ability to turn on/off and change colours on the actual base (perfect in case the remote ever gets misplaced)
- USB corded power source

You can also buy extra engraved acrylic plates separately for it if you wish to change things up a little bit from time to time, such as our Countdown Plates.

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