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Draw Your Own Cake Topper

Draw Your Own Cake Topper.

Want to buy ONE cake topper, which could be used for ANY occasion FOREVER?
Well then you have come to the right place!

Our Acrylic 'Draw Your Own' toppers can be drawn on using Chalk Markers (i use the 'Uni' brand ones) or whiteboard markers, and simply wiped clean ready for use again and again.. and again. One day you might use it for a Mothers Day cake, then the next  day you can draw up something new on it, ready for a birthday cake!

While our Wooden 'Draw Your Own' toppers can only be drawn on the one time (unless you use back and front on separate occasions) - They can be a very fun way to get the kids involved, as they can draw a picture on these with just about anything - pencil, texta, crayon..

The Mirror Acrylic colours will work fine, but please note that because they are a mirror, you may notice double lines when lookiing at it on an angle due to the reflection of what you are writing/drawing.

Please note any changes to your order may incur a small fee - so please triple check your order.