About us.


I’m Emma Strachan, one half of Strachan Creative (pronounced: Strawn Creative). I make your items in a teeny tiny spare bedroom, in our teeny tiny Perth (Western Australia) home - mostly on weeknights and weekends - as we also both work full time day jobs -Yes, its crazy hectic in our house haha!

The other half is my husband Craig Strachan - he is my cheer squad, and ideas man.. but slowly he is learning the ropes (he has even set himself up a little workspace in our garage)

We were formerly known as ‘Funky Bunting’ (est. Oct 2014), but as of April 2018 we really felt we had outgrown the name and our business had taken on a new direction - this is when we said hello to ‘Strachan Creative’ and embraced change for the future.
During our 3.5 month break for our wedding & honeymoon was when I had the time to really reflect on what I wanted.. I voiced everything to Craig, and even had a back up plan if it didnt work.. He supported my decision and said GO FOR IT! We bought our first 'real' machine when we returned from the honeymoon, and put our thinking caps on. It was the best decision we could have made for the business - the name change came VERY shortly after!

Since the big change up, we have been so lucky to have made 1000's of special items to help you celebrate to special moments in life - whether it be a a cake topper or personalised gift. 

We are so happy to have you on board with us for this very exciting journey. Thank you for sticking around, or if you are new here - we are so very glad to meet you!

The Strachans