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Average turn around time: 3-4 days . . AFTERPAY available on orders over $50

Printed Acrylic Sheets

*** Please click HERE to see our pattern gallery to choose from - there's over 1300+***


The acrylic is laser cut for precise and consistent sizes with smooth edges. We then print directly onto the acrylic with our UV cured inks. You can choose from one of our many designs from or forever growing gallery, or upload your own. 
You can use it as is, or pop it straight into your laser and cut down to smaller shapes as needed. The options are endless!

Please note, special care needs to be taken with printed acrylic as the designs are printed on the outside of the acrylic, not on the inside. 
Please test patch your printed acrylic first - personally we have found the best results when laser cutting is with the design facing up, however every machine and settings used may be different. 

50 x 33 cm  (5906x3898px)
Thickness 3mm

White Acrylic:
This is a matte finish and printed on the front face of the acrylic.
Any white on the design will not be printed, and the white from the acrylic will show as glossy compared to the printed areas. 
Front side: printed design
Back side: plain white acrylic
Best used if: You dont need an overall gloss finish or after a cheaper option.

Clear Acrylic:
This is a glossy finish and printed on the back side of the acrylic with the design showing through from the back. It will be printed with 2 layers of ink. One layer of white, and a second layer of colour.
Any white or blank areas of the design will be printed with white ink.
Front side: Clear glossy acrylic - with the coloured print showing through
Back side: This side is the printed side, however you will only see the white ink from the back.
Best used if: You need a glossy finish, you're looking for something a bit more luxe or you will be placing another layer of acrylic behind the printed piece as protection to stop any of the print scratching off during its lifetime.

Please click HERE to see our pattern gallery to choose from over 1300+ patterns.
Seamless: YES
Most of our patterns are seamless - This means you will not be able to see where each pattern tile starts/finishes and connects to the one next to it. Like this:

Seamless: NO
Some of our patterns are not seamless - This means you will see where each pattern tile starts/finishes and connects to the one next to it. Like this:

Pattern tile size:
Think of each pattern as a square tile.
Each tile as standard comes as 15x15cm and is then placed continuously over the whole piece of acrylic.
You are welcome to ask for your chosen pattern to be bigger or smaller to get your desired effect. The below photo shows on the left the size of the patter tiles, and on the right how the entire piece of acrylic will look when printed.


Don't see something you like to suit your project? No problem upload your own design as a PDF file.
Please make sure:
Your design file is high quality, and is print ready in the correct size/ratio of 50x33cm to make sure you get exactly what you are hoping for.

If your file is smaller, we will stretch it ourselves to fit 50x33cm.
If you file is larger, we will crop it ourselves to fit 50x33m.
This may mean important elements may get cut off - hence why it's best if you provide the correct size/file when ordering.
Colours may print different to how you see on your screen as with any print service.
You must have the correct usage rights to use the image you are uploading. 
Please type 'N/A' into the pattern number textbox if uploading your own design.

**Please note - Due to the large size and weight, these are not eligible for our flat rate postage or free postage over $130.
Postage is $15 - $19 (delivery state dependent) no matter how many you purchase.
Tip: Why not get a friend involved in your order and split the postage costs? If you are in Perth, you can collect from us in Burswood.