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Average turn around time: 3-4 days . . AFTERPAY available on orders over $50

1:1 Scale Birth Details Ruler

Keep your baby's special day close to your heart with our 1:1 Scale Birth Details Ruler - Made to the size of your baby at birth!*
Show off the day of joy with our unique designs. Just select the style that speaks to you and compliments your baby's room best. This statement piece will delight guests while you display it proudly in your home. 

Please leave the relevant info in the text boxes provided.
If any sections are left empty - that portion of the design will be left off the ruler.

Background design:
Choose your favourite background design from the chart in the photo section.
Leave the chosen design or pattern number in the box provided.

None of the designs on our chart appeal to you??
Alternatively, you are welcome to sift through our range of patterns - over 1300 of them! Whichever you choose will be printed faded out into the background - not bold and bright.
*** Please click HERE to see our pattern gallery to choose from ***

Height: 20cm
Length: up to 50cm
*They are made 1:1 scale of the size of your baby at birth up to 50cm. 
If your baby was born longer than 50cm we will still show the correct design length on the ruler, however the actual size wont measure any longer than 50cm.
Eg. If you baby was 52cm, the actual length of the ruler will be 50cm - however all the design elements will show as 52cm. 
This is due to the limitations of our printer size. 

Any changes made after the orders are placed may incur a small fee – so please be sure you triple check everything before completing the order.