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Alaskas Magical Christmas Book by Kyree Harvey

Alaska’s Magical Christmas 

What if Christmas focused on presence instead of presents?
Alaska adores Christmas. She looks forward to it arriving each year with exciting traditions and fun, festive activities. Alaska’s Christmas isn’t focused on presents under the tree, instead they focus on being present with family and friends and spreading kindness and joy to everyone around.
Alaska takes you on a magical Christmas journey showing you how to be present each Christmas.

• 30+ page book with relatable children's story
• Hard cover that can be wiped down to remove little sticky finger marks
• Special gold embossed detailing on the cover
• Special gold edging to all the pages
• Suited for all children ages 2-10 (but still special for all ages)

Author: Kyree Harvey
Illustrator: Amy Calautti
Release Date: July 2023
Publisher: Little K Books by KMD Books
ISBN: 978-0-6455140-4-9