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Wreath Milestone Discs - Baby Sets

Capture your babes growth with our Milestone Discs. 
A great gift for expecting mothers - or to buy for your own soon to be earth-side babe.

We have 2 sets to choose from in the Baby Milestone range.
The 'Baby set of 14', includes tracking the growth/age milestones.
The 'Add On Baby set of 10' is a funny way to keep track of their day to day milestones.

Our Baby Milestone Disc set of 14x includes;
Hello world
1 week old
1 month old - 11 months old
1 year old
(This sets come engraved on both sides, to help with wood wastage - and hopefully in the long run save a few trees.)

Our Add On Baby Milestone Disc set of 10x includes;
I am.. milk drunk
I did a.. poo explosion
Today I was.. a little asshole
Today I.. cried all day

Today I.. bit mums tit
Today I.. met santa
Today I.. shat in the bath
Whats sleep?
Teething sucks
Can you tell Dad dressed me?

Dont want to buy our full set of Milestone Discs?
No problem - Now you can create your own mini set, make one single announcement disc, or add some extra personalised ones to your full Milestone Disc set - Just purchase them from our 'Milestone Disc - Single Custom' listing.