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Average turn around time: 3-4 days . . AFTERPAY available on orders over $50

First Day of.. Boards - Style #1

In a world of social media, we are very visual people these days.
Capture a beautiful photograph of your Childs first day of kindy, school, work, anything!

Please leave in the text box the name you would like to be engraved into the banner. 
It will be written as is.. Example: Emma or Emma's


As these are made to order, you can change up a few things.
Just leave a note in the text box if you would like either of the below.

Name in the banner: This can be left blank if you have multiple kids, and only want to purchase one board. You can write the name/s in yourself.

First Day: The word first can be left out, and you have then have a space to write either 'First' or 'Last' if you want to have photos at the end of each school year too.

Wipe them clean, and use them time and time again.
As they are made from acrylic, not a chalk board, they will always come perfectly clean, with no dusty chalk residue. They are also engraved, not made with decals/stickers so the design will never ever peel or rub off. 


To write on the boards, please use a liquid chalk marker.
These can be purchased from Officeworks etc, or you can add one to your order. Chalk markers can be purchased here.
To wipe off the marker, please use a tissue, baby wipe, or cloth. 
Try not to write or wipe over the engraved areas, as this may transfer the colour from the markers into the engraved areas.