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Average turn around time: 3-4 days . . AFTERPAY available on orders over $50

Flower Garden Plaque with Childrens Drawing

Our acrylic plaques with children's drawings come in a range of different styles - This listing is for our 'Flower Garden' style, which features your child's drawings transformed by being cut out of acrylic. Both their flower and name will be 3D. 
They make such a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any parent or grandparent. A wonderful keepsake - imagine looking back on these in 30 years time! 

-Only the head of the flower is needed (not the stem). 
-Please write the childs name under the flower.
-Please take a clear photo. Ensure there are no shadows or creases in the paper.
-Upload the photo on this page prior to finalising your order.

Please type into the 'TO' textbox, who this plaque is for. 
Eg. Grandma = Grandma's Garden

Please type into the 'FROM' textbox, who this plaque is from. 
The order you type these names, will be the same order the flowers will be in.

Please select which colour mirror you would like the flowers and names to be made from.

15 x 15 cm

This printed photo is not self standing on its own, however it does comes with a small clear acrylic stand as standard which you can place on the bottom corner to make it stand up.
You an upgrade to a wooden stand by adding one to your cart as well. Wooden stands can be purchased here.

Any changes made after the orders are placed may incur a small fee – so please be sure you triple check everything before completing the order.