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Average turn around time: 3-4 days . . AFTERPAY available on orders over $50

Hanging Family Plaque - Wildflower Design

Grandchildren make life grand.
this piece isn't just for grandparents.. It's also the perfect gift for any parent with her own childrens details hanging from it.

Want to know the best bit?
You can easily add on extras down the track and place it in any order. 
A new baby has joined the family? No worries - just purchase one of the extra pieces to attach yourself (it's very easy to do!). 

This design is our 'Wildflower' design. 

Type the text which you would like written on the top arch piece. 
This can be a small quote, or the family name eg "The Strachan Family", "This Gran belongs to...",  "Grandchildren make life grand".

Type the names along with their date of birth.
Please type each family member details on a new line.
Please type them in the same order you wish for them to appear on the finished piece.

If any pets are wanting to be included. A paw-print will be added next to their name. 

The overall size will depend on how many names are needed. 
However to give you an idea.. The top arch, 1x name, and end piece = 15 x 20 cm
Each additional name will add on aprox 5cm. So with 2x names on the sign the total will then = 20 x 20cm 


Any changes made after the orders are placed may incur a small fee – so please be sure you triple check everything before completing the order.