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Average turn around time: 3-4 days . . AFTERPAY available on orders over $50

Candle Wax Shot Pots

Our Candle Wax Shot Pots holds 20-30mls of premium 100% soy wax.
Choose from 4 different fragrances.

Please use these only in warmers designed for wax melts.

Vanilla Caramel: Delicious and creamy with gorgeous top notes of vanilla, blended with luscious caramel, butter, and chopped nuts to create this delightful fragrance.

French Pear: The true layered pear captures the natural scent of the brandied sweet pears!

Blueberry Muffin: This fragrance smells just like a delicious, sweet muffin. Delicious, heady blueberries with hints of vanilla and dripping with melted butter.

Tuscan Vineyard: The delightful aroma of sun drenched grapes perched on a tuscan hillside blended with bottom notes of light musk and lemon)