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Trace & Wipe Board - Sky, Grass, Dirt: Handwriting Lines

Trace & Wipe! 
This board is for the SKY, GRASS, DIRT: HANDWRITING LINES design.

There are 3 colours that represent the blue sky, green grass, and brown dirt. These coloured lines help to guide the child where to place the letters. For example, the letter 'p' sits in the grass and digs into the dirt. The letter 'L' reaches high up into the sky.

Our Trace and Wipe boards are available in 8 varieties, all of which can be found on this link --> here.  (Discount multi packs also can be found there too)

  • Alphabet (lower and uppercase)
  • Numbers (0/zero to 10/ten)
  • Shapes 
  • Your child's name
  • What's the time? 
  • Follow the lines 
  • Emotions
  • Sky, Grass, Dirt: Handwriting Lines

Chalk markers can be purchased --> here.

They are super fun to use, and make learning fun. Simply use a white board marker, or chalk paint pen to trace over the numbers, letters etc. and then wipe clean to start all over again! 
In the case of the Sky, Grass, Dirt board - they can practice writing what they have learnt from the Trace boards.

Your kids will be practising for hours!

Available to purchase separately or in a discounted packs. 

Size: A4

Please ensure you only write on the front side of the board.
Our logo in the corner will help you distinguish which side is the correct way up.
Writing on the back (the printed side) may cause the markers to stain the board.

** Boards will come with a protective layer on the front side of them. Please peel this away before using. It is easiest to peel from a corners edge with your fingernail. **