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Name Trace & Wipe - Learn To Write - insert for Trofast Flisat or Kmart Table

Educational - but make it FUN!
These handmade educational inserts are designed to be used with the Ikea Flisat Table with Trofast Tub inserts. They can also be used on a table, or just with the Trofast tubs on their own.

(Find the original Ikea Flisat Table here.)
(Find the original Ikea Trofast small tub here, and the large tub here.)
(Find the original Kmart table with tubs here.)

The Trace & Wipe Name design features writing lines and your childs name in your selected font to help them learn to write their name the correct way.
Chalk markers can be purchased --> here.

Each Board has the option of coming in the following fonts;
(These can be seen in the font chart at the end of the photos)

  • General - Not official for any states. Just a general type of font.
  • Victorian Modern Cursive - VIC
  • QCursive (aka. Queensland Modern Cursive) - QLD
  • SA Modern Cursive (aka. South Australian Cursive) - SA
  • NSW Foundation Style - NSW
  • Tasmanian Modern Cursive - TAS

ACT uses NSW Foundation Style
NT uses Victorian Modern Cursive
WA differs from school to school - so it is best to check with your school. However an example is Mt Pleasant Primary School; Kindergarten to Year 1 students learn QCursive, but from Year 2 onwards, Victorian Modern Cursive is taught. 

They are super fun to use, and make learning fun. Simply use a white board marker, or chalk paint pen to trace over the numbers, letters etc. and then wipe clean to start all over again! 

Your kids will be practising for hours!

ADD ON a chalk pen to your so your children can start the fun right away. Chalk markers can be purchased here.

We also have a whole range of Trace & Wipe Board deisgns which arent made for the Trofast tubs which can be found here.

Please select the size to fit your tub.
Small tubs measure 20x30cm - please choose the IKEA SMALL insert size.
Large tubs measure 30x42cm - please choose the IKEA LARGE insert size.
Small tubs measure 19x28cm - please choose the KMART SMALL insert size.
Large tubs measure 28x40cm - please choose the KMART LARGE insert size.